Cinenet, the service provider I use. Small and local to LA, and specializing in the film industry. And I have never gotten a busy signal!

This place pays me to work on movies. Amazing, huh?

Harry Knowles
The real dirt on all movies (he is quite accurate about Titanic, incidentally)

A really comprehensive list of movies in or going into production.

Internet Movie Database
The best location for information about movies after they have been made

Misha Lunchbox
A truly interesting individual I met at Siggraph. Read her cartoons!

Buy high-quality, environmentally-sound laser toner cartridges here!

But this has a lot more information, and links to lists with links to vast hordes of software!

Scientific Applications on Linux
I like this list too, because they put a link to my stuff on it.

And here is my stuff that they linked to. You want to use this software!

Alta Vista
You know, the search engine that seems to work.

Deja News
This works pretty good for finding stuff on Usenet. Poor interface, though.