Proposed FLTK logo.

A friend of mine with some design experience came up with the attached logo for FLTK. I kind of like it because it can be printed very small and still be legible, and only two colors are used so it can be reproduced in printed documentation perfectly, and can be printed in any color, and you can easily render it in 3D or with as clear plastic or other such special effects.

What does everybody think? Feel free to play with it, render it differently, and please put it on the web site.

Shift-click here for PDF file

Well there was some complaints, Mike said "I'm not sure I like it - when I first looked at it I saw "FK"; the alternating patterns are a bit distracting." So here is an attempt to get rid of the FK by making the T match:

Here is a hand-edited tiny version:

Mikko Lahteenmaki suggested a horizontal version:

Which we redrew here with some changes to make the K more readable, and she thought making the T wider would make it more balanced (I'm not sure I agree):

Incidentally here is the original sketch that got these ideas started:

And this is the logo being used currently: