font_matrix demo for Cairo

Showing my proposal for font_matrix and no y_advance values:

This demo image was laid out by hand and should not be assummed to be accurate!

Each line shows text drawn with a single Cairo draw_utf8 call. The font matrix is rotated 0 degrees, 60 degrees, and 90 degrees for each of them, and the current Cairo transformation is rotated in the opposite direction the same amount (0, -60, and -90 degrees).

The line shows the X axis in the Cairo transformation.

The red dots show the "origin" for each glyph. In the Cairo transformation these always have the same Y value, because there is no such thing as y_advance.

The distance between the red dots shows the x_advance. Notice that it is different depending on the font_matrix. When vertical it is equal to the vertical-advance value provided by the font.

The gray squares are the bounding boxes returned by text_extents. These are rectangles in the current Cairo transform and thus always parallel with the x axis.

As the glyph is rotated by font_matrix the origin and x_advance move around as well, smoothly going from the horizontal to the vertical positions. I'm not sure what the best algorithim is, it may depend on the font. In this example I have the origin travel along the right-angle path defined by the horizontal and vertical advance values, and the advance travel along the arc between these values. They thus travel along the edges of the red arc shown drawn on the diagonal T.