Bill Spitzak, Jonathan Egstad, Price Pethel, and Paul Van Camp won an "Technical Achievement Award" from the Motion Picture Academy for the creation of the Nuke Compositing System at Digital Domain. Click on the pictures for extra-large versions.

My fiancee Thi-Linh, me, my brother John, and my sister Sheila, all of us dressed up and ready for the party.

Oscar(TM) is a trademark and registered copyright of tha AMPAAS.

Paul Van Camp, software and hat genius. He wrote large portions of Nuke while I was working on Titanic as an artist.

Jonathan Egstad and his girlfriend. Jonathan was greatly helpful in the design of Nuke and in the implementation of the 3D system.

Price Pethel and his wife. Price was insturmental in getting the work approved at Digital Domain and encouraging me to do it.

John, me, and Linh, partying before the show.

Me and Linh at the table.

John and Sheila at the table.

Our names up in lights.

All of us getting the award. That is Charlize Theron, the host, on the right, and all of us got to kiss her on the cheek.

Another picture.

John, Jonathan Egstad, Me, and Thi Linh, after the show.

The next day we went hiking in the Santa Monica mountains.

About 2 days later over 250 people from the ceremony got quite ill from apparently contaminated water. However this exciting event missed our table and we were all fine.