At one time I had some notion that I could be a science fiction illustrator. I managed to paint a few things and sell them at science fiction conventions. My most productive period was around 1985.

DragonsEgg (a neutron star, spinning 5x per second. The plume of exhaust is being bent by tidal forces)

The Liar ship from RingWorld

The Liar after crashing on RingWorld

The Longshot from RingWorld (I did a bunch of RingWorld paintings). This won me an award for "Best Amateur Spaceship" at the Boskone sf convention in Boston 1985

This illustration has the distinction of making me more money than any other. It sold for $125.

"The Osprey" A sort of coast-guard cutter for the asteroid belt. This was a preproduction design I did for a no-budget movie that never got made.

Preproduction painting for another no-budget movie "Warpod". The actual movie would not have had any destroyed buildings.

The Pope's spaceship.

CGI of a space station made for a USC student film called "Winged", directed by Val Keller. Over 70 effects shots in this 35mm production.

More to come